Every month on the full moon, Ian desperately fights his wolf nature. Even after escaping to the anonymity of the city, where he can be free from his family’s demands, he can’t stop running from the past.

Brian is Ian’s opposite, running towards the past instead of from it, searching for the family that abandoned him. Ian, a finder of lost things, can help, but he doesn’t take magical cases, and he’s not in the business of locating people. Instead of asking and chancing rejection, Brian engineers an ‘accidental’ meeting. The chemistry between the two is immediate, though, and Brian realizes his careful plan is about to go wildly off course.

But Ian discovers the ruse, and he’s furious. He can’t trust Brian—it’ll only lead to heartbreak. However, part of Ian still doesn’t want to let Brian down, so he agrees to help. As they work side by side and uncover truths about their pasts, they grow closer. Ian begins to wonder if trusting Brian might be worth the risk, and Brian starts to realize that, instead of looking back at the past, they should be seeking a future together.

Wolves is, for now, a serial novel–you can read a chapter a month simply by signing up for my newsletter. If you’d rather not read a serial, the book will be available for sale when it’s finished its serial run.

You can read the first chapter here (there’s also content stuff answered there.)