I wasn’t going to have a page about what I’m working on, because generally, there’s no guarantee that even finished projects will ever see the light of day.  So listing them and then possibly never having them come to fruition seemed sort of… unfair. But! It occurred to me that there are some books I have written, but are unpublished, that I love and, one way or another, definitely will be published at some point. Even if I have to self-publish. So these aren’t exactly WIPs. They’re finished. And I don’t know if anyone’s interested in knowing? But here they are anyway. Um, all titles are working titles and might be changed.

High:  M/m sci-fi about an origami artist/drug dealer.  Possibly my favorite thing I’ve ever written.

The Sound the Sea Makes:  M/m/f fantasy about a woman who moves to an island and discovers lots of secrets.  I talk about the sea a lot.  There are monsters that live in the water.  I had a blast writing this.

Untitled Contemporary Thing:  M/m NA, about two boys in college who are basically trying to figure out how to adult.

Wolves:  M/m fantasy, about a werewolf who absolutely doesn’t want to be a werewolf, and a man trying to find out about his past.  No a/b/o dynamics.