I set out to write a single standalone contemporary romance about a roadie and the rock star he falls for, and I ended up with a series.  \o/  The books are centered around music (of course) and all sorts of love–family love, friend love, unrequited love, sex, romance.  The books all stand alone, so they don’t need to be read in order, but the order is:
Escaping Indigo
Skin Hunger
Scratch Track

If you want to start with something short, A Love Song for Emily is a standalone novella set in the EI universe–it takes place sometime after Skin Hunger, but can be read at any point.
There’s also a free epilogue for Escaping Indigo and a bonus chapter for Skin Hunger.


Micah thought he’d always be in a band. All he ever wanted was to play drums and make great music, but when his best friend and bandmate passes away, Micah is left adrift. The thing that’s always lifted him up is now a reminder of everything he’s lost.

In an attempt to put his life back together, Micah takes a job as roadie for his favorite band, Escaping Indigo. He’s always admired the lead singer, Bellamy. On stage, Bellamy is confident, glittery, and radiant. But as the two grow closer, Micah realizes that in person, Bellamy is quiet, introspective, and a little uncertain. And that’s the person Micah is falling for.

Micah is determined to know all of Bellamy, both the rock star side and the side hidden from the audience, the side that creates music that touches Micah’s heart. Bellamy has secrets of his own, though, things he doesn’t want to share with anyone. And trying to uncover Bellamy’s truths might be the thing that ends up pushing him away.

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Cover-SkinHunger_WebAva should be living her dream as the drummer for Escaping Indigo. The problem is, she’s secretly in love with her bandmate, Tuck. But he’s fallen for someone else. Being a drummer is still the best, but for Ava, every day is also a reminder of what she can’t have.

With her grandmother moving into assisted living, Ava figures it’s a good time to head home and help out. And if it lets her get some distance from Tuck and his girlfriend, all the better. But Ava hasn’t visited her family in years, and home isn’t really home anymore. Instead, it’s the place she’s been running from, full of memories of everything her parents wanted for her—and everything she didn’t want for herself.

But on the airplane, Ava meets Cara, and the two women feel an immediate connection. And when they bump into each other a second time, it seems like fate. Cara offers Ava something she’s never had—someone to love who loves her back. But to be with Cara, Ava may have to change her whole life around, and that’s something she’s not sure she’s ready for.

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Being a roadie isn’t everyone’s idea of a dream job, but it’s all Quinn wants. He loves touring, loves getting to hear amazing music every night and, more than anything, loves being someone the band members of Escaping Indigo can lean on.

When Quinn joins the band in the recording studio, it’s supposed to be fun, but it only seems to remind him of doubts he thought he’d left behind—doubts about his brother’s death, his place with the band, and his ability to care for and support his friends. So when Quinn’s ex, Nicky, tumbles back into his life, Quinn’s completely unprepared.

Nicky’s life has changed a lot since Quinn last saw him. Not only is he the drummer for an up-and-coming rock band, he’s now a single dad—both of which are enough to test his confidence in himself. Risking his heart on Quinn again seems like a bad idea. But he wants a second chance, and Quinn seems determined not to make the same mistakes again, even if that means facing the past, figuring out how to let their friends support them, and learning to trust each other.

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