I feel sort of bad putting a page up for this series, since as of right now, I have no blurbs, no covers, and no final titles.  But I do have excitement!

Escaping Indigo is a contemporary series centering around a rock band (called… are you ready?  Escaping Indigo) and their friends.  The first book is m/m and focuses on a drummer who’s getting over the loss of his band and his best friend, and ends up working for Escaping Indigo- and consequently, falling in love with the band’s lead singer.

The second book is a f/f and takes place after the band stops touring.  The main character heads across the country to take care of family things and, while on the plane, meets a woman she pretty much immediately falls for.

The first book is slated for a July 2017 release, the second for November of that year.

Basically, what I wanted to do with the books was talk about music and being a musician in a rock band as I had known it, when I was a drummer.  And I wanted to talk about anxiety and depression and loss and being creative, and how those things all get tangled together.  Hopefully I’ve managed to do that, just a little bit. 🙂  Updates here when I have more info to give on these!