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Actual! Book! News!

I’m SO EXCITED because I have a couple short stories coming out within the next couple months, and they’re totally different, in different genres, and I love them both, and I’m just so happy I get to share them with... Continue Reading →

Wolves (In other words, a new book!!!)

I mentioned a couple weeks ago, here and there, that I’d be putting out a new romantic fantasy, called Wolves, soon.  And that I’d be doing it a little differently—I’ll be releasing the book a chapter a month through my... Continue Reading →

Reviews and a Giveaway!

I noticed recently that most… okay, all… of my books are a bit short of reviews on Amazon.  Reviews (even ones that say they didn’t like the book!) are incredibly, incredibly helpful to authors, because they boost a book’s visibility. ... Continue Reading →

Woo-hoo, short story time!

The Dream Taker is out today! It probably seems a bit over the top to be all excited and celebratory about what’s actually a very long short story, but I’m really, really excited that this little book is out in... Continue Reading →

A Book Is a Thing That’s Happening Today!

Scratch Track is out and available in all the places today!  This is Quinn’s book—we met him a bit in Escaping Indigo.  And here, he finally gets a second chance to fall in love with the drummer, Nicky, he once... Continue Reading →

Pumpkins – a Half Halloween short

Writing shorts off finished books is kind of… an odd feeling.  I like doing it for the Escaping Indigo series characters because, since they continuously appear in the next books in the series, it always feels like there might be... Continue Reading →

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