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Three Songs – May (Plus housekeeping)

Fake Empire by The National This isn’t new, but it seems to be one of those songs that floats up to grab my attention every once in a while, and it did it again recently.  The very first book I... Continue Reading →

Three Songs – April

I’ve really been trying to come up with stuff to blog about because… I like blogging and I think it’s sort of important.  So I thought, since I have a series coming out about a band, and since I LOVE... Continue Reading →

Sonic Highways, con’t. Part 3 (last part, I promise)

In the Clear- New Orleans I went to see a band play in New Orleans once.  Just once.  It was Cage the Elephant- I’ve seen them eleven times.  I’d like to see them about a billion more times.  They are... Continue Reading →

Sonic Highways, con’t.

Congregation- Nashville I’m not a country music fan, and watching this, I think I finally get why.  It’s a theory I’ve been working on relating to musicals.  Please don’t throw tomatoes at me.  I’m already imagining how many people are... Continue Reading →

News- Escaping Indigo

About two seconds ago I published a post that said I wasn't going to do a year end post, and I'm not.  But I figure I probably should do a news-type post, since... I basically announce stuff on twitter and then... Continue Reading →

Looking for a dime and found a quarter

I really was going to do a year end post because… that seemed like the thing to do.  But you know what?  I haven’t got a clue what to say.  It’ll just come out sappy and say very little.  And... Continue Reading →


2016 was a pretty fucked up year, huh?  Good things did happen, for me.  I signed three books.  I get to hang out every day with the most awesome friends on the planet.  But there’s no denying this year was... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo is almost here! *throws party*

Hey everyone.  Since I rarely post anything on Facebook and have limited my Twitter time somewhat, I’m going to make an effort to start posting blog entries.  I have no idea what I’ll talk about.  They’ll probably be long, somewhat... Continue Reading →

News- Half

Hark, an actual blog post! (Fair warning now that any blogging done here will probably be incredibly sporadic. Blogging makes me nervous. But who knows. It's entirely possible I'll someday get the urge to just blog and blog and you'll... Continue Reading →

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