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Actual! Book! News!

I’m SO EXCITED because I have a couple short stories coming out within the next couple months, and they’re totally different, in different genres, and I love them both, and I’m just so happy I get to share them with... Continue Reading →

Wolves (In other words, a new book!!!)

I mentioned a couple weeks ago, here and there, that I’d be putting out a new romantic fantasy, called Wolves, soon.  And that I’d be doing it a little differently—I’ll be releasing the book a chapter a month through my... Continue Reading →

Updates and Such

Hi lovelies.  It’s been a while since I did an update on what’s going on with me, what I’m working on, and what you can expect to see from me in the near future, so, here we go.   Northern... Continue Reading →

Reviews and a Giveaway!

I noticed recently that most… okay, all… of my books are a bit short of reviews on Amazon.  Reviews (even ones that say they didn’t like the book!) are incredibly, incredibly helpful to authors, because they boost a book’s visibility. ... Continue Reading →

Woo-hoo, short story time!

The Dream Taker is out today! It probably seems a bit over the top to be all excited and celebratory about what’s actually a very long short story, but I’m really, really excited that this little book is out in... Continue Reading →

A Book Is a Thing That’s Happening Today!

Scratch Track is out and available in all the places today!  This is Quinn’s book—we met him a bit in Escaping Indigo.  And here, he finally gets a second chance to fall in love with the drummer, Nicky, he once... Continue Reading →

Three Songs for January

Headphones by Walk the Moon If I have a guilty music pleasure it’s probably listening to Walk the Moon.  But actually, I probably listen to stuff that’s way more cavity-inducingly sweet and/or pop and/or whatever.  And I don’t really believe... Continue Reading →

Three Songs for December

I thought I’d try to do, like, winter songs or seasonal songs or something, since it is the holiday season (and also winter, here, how about that) but my holiday music listening is, um, zero, these days.  But!  I actually... Continue Reading →

The continuing list of not-quite-finished-manga: A ramble

Kagerou Daze by Mahiro Satou and Jin This is such a weird series because I’m seven volumes into it and I have legitimately no idea what it’s about.  It’s basically been seven volumes of back story, and only now are... Continue Reading →

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