A cold, icy winter is the least of Arizona born-and-raised Jamie’s problems. He’s moved to a distant college to escape a bad breakup, but it’s not working. He can’t stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend, worrying about the future, and wondering, constantly, what went wrong. All he wants is something that’ll distract him from everything.

Enter Emily, guitarist for Jamie’s favorite up-and-coming band. She’s gorgeous, talented, and one hell of a guitar teacher. Jamie can’t imagine having a conversation with her without tripping over his words, never mind taking music lessons from her. But a friend’s suggestion leads to just that, and Jamie discovers that playing guitar is one of the few things that makes him feel whole again.

Talking to Emily is one of the other things. She’s way more than a distraction—Jamie realizes he’s falling for her, fast. Telling Emily how he feels isn’t simple, though, especially when he’s pretty sure Emily only sees him as another fan. But if he wants to win her heart, he’ll have to come up with something. Maybe if he could just put all that emotion into a song…

A Love Song for Emily is a novella in the Escaping Indigo universe, and takes place sometime after Skin Hunger. However, it’s a standalone, and you don’t need to read the other books (or read them in any particular order) to enjoy this one.

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