Hi lovelies.  It’s been a while since I did an update on what’s going on with me, what I’m working on, and what you can expect to see from me in the near future, so, here we go.


Northern Hearts Conference

I’m going to be at the Toronto Northern Hearts Conference on September 22!  I’m super ridiculously excited about this.  I’m doing a panel with Rain Merton and Tamsen Parker called Messing with Genre: Crossing Boundaries in the Name of the Story.  So if you might be interested in that, please stop by.  It looks like there are going to be a ton of other great panels, too.

And I’m really looking forward to meeting people, so if you’re there, please say hello!  I’m also, err, bringing some books.  There doesn’t seem to be a formal signing time, but I’d love to sign one if you’d like it (or you can bring me one.)  Since I’m flying to Canada, I’m trying to figure out how many to pack.  If you’d like a signed book at the Northern Hearts Conference, (or two or three or whatever) please let me know so I bring enough!  Drop me an email, comment here, send me a DM—whatever works for you.




I’m going to have a new book out shortly!  It’s called Wolves, it is about werewolves, but it’s a bit different: no alpha/beta dynamics, no fated mates, no, err, shifting by the main character… D:  Here’s the blurb:

Every month on the full moon, Ian desperately fights his wolf nature. Even after escaping to the anonymity of the city, where he can be free from his family’s demands, he can’t stop running from the past.

Brian is Ian’s opposite, running towards the past instead of from it, searching for the family that abandoned him. Ian, a finder of lost things, can help, but he doesn’t take magical cases, and he’s not in the business of locating people. Instead of asking and chancing rejection, Brian engineers an ‘accidental’ meeting. The chemistry between the two is immediate, though, and Brian realizes his careful plan is about to go wildly off course. 

But Ian discovers the ruse, and he’s furious. He can’t trust Brian—it’ll only lead to heartbreak. However, part of Ian still doesn’t want to let Brian down, so he agrees to help. As they work side by side and uncover truths about their pasts, they grow closer. Ian begins to wonder if trusting Brian might be worth the risk, and Brian starts to realize that, instead of looking back at the past, they should be seeking a future together.

I’m doing something a little different with this one—I’m going to send it out in serial format, a chapter a month, in my newsletter.  So if you’d like to get the story, you can sign up for that.  It’s not going out quite yet, but it’ll probably start before the end of the year.  I’ll have a blog post up with all kinds of info about the book just before I start, including the first chapter of the book.


Guest Rooms and Grace Notes

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that there would be two more Escaping Indigo books: Guest Rooms, which is Ty and Ben’s story, and Grace Notes, which is Elliott and Zevi’s story.  And then I took a couple months off social media, ostensibly to edit those books and get them ready to publish.

What actually happened during those months was that I wrote a lot, read a lot, and tried to regrow a writer’s imagination that I felt had atrophied.  So, good news and bad news: it worked!  I’m feeling a lot less like a dried up old sponge, as far as imagination goes, I started working on a new fantasy novel, and I wrote a bunch of short stories.  The sorta bad news is, not too much got edited.  Which means those two books (which will actually be called the Rest in Peach series) won’t be out for a little bit longer.  I’m hoping to start editing them soon, and my goal is still to have them out to you by the end of the year.  I think November and December would be great.  However, I definitely want to make these books the best they can be, plot- and character-wise, grammar-wise, etc, so if that takes a bit longer… then it takes a bit longer.  I really, really appreciate everyone who’s stuck with my through this series, and I’m very sorry for the delay.  But, soon!!


Anddddd, I think that’s it.  Please let me know if you’re going to be in Toronto in September!