review giveaway

I noticed recently that most… okay, all… of my books are a bit short of reviews on Amazon.  Reviews (even ones that say they didn’t like the book!) are incredibly, incredibly helpful to authors, because they boost a book’s visibility.  And they, y’know, provide readers with a lot of information about whether a particular book or author might be something they’d like to try.

But I know that writing and posting reviews can be a chore.  So I thought maybe we could make it into something fun, and I could do a giveaway as a thank you for reviews?

So here’s the plan: write a review (good or bad or in between) for any of my books (Half, Escaping Indigo, Skin Hunger, Scratch Track, or the Dream Taker) and post it to Amazon.  Then send me the link (either as a comment here, in an email [] or in a message on Facebook or Twitter or… however else you’d like to get in touch,) and let me know your email, and you’ll be entered to win one of three prizes.  If you write a review for two books, you’ll be entered twice.  Three books, three entries, and so on.  If you’ve already posted a review to Amazon, that works too!  Just send me the link.  Doesn’t matter how old it is.

Please don’t send me the actual review.  Just the link.  Reviews are for readers and I think you should be able to say anything you please in a review without me looking over your shoulder.  (Also, I don’t read any reviews, as a general rule.)



I have this adorable owl who’s looking for a home with someone who loves books.  He likes to cuddle, loves a good cup of tea, and enjoys long walks while listening to audiobooks.  So the prize will be the owl, plus signed copies of two of my books—your choice on the books, although I can’t do The Dream Taker, as it’s not in print.  I’ll also send along a postcard from me, signed and personalized bookplates, and Escaping Indigo stickers.

I’ll also do a second prize that’ll be the same as the first, minus the owl.  I only have one book-loving owl. 😛



This will be open internationally, but unfortunately, I can’t ship books worldwide—they’re too heavy and cost a ton.  But I *can* send signed bookplates, stickers, a postcard, and an owl—he’s light, so I think it’ll be okay.

The winner will be chosen at random.  I’m going to let the contest go for two weeks (unless people need more time) so, last date to enter is… May 7.  …That’s close enough to two weeks. /o\

\o/ \o/ \o/  Have fun! And thank you! ❤