cover 1 (final)The Dream Taker is out today!

It probably seems a bit over the top to be all excited and celebratory about what’s actually a very long short story, but I’m really, really excited that this little book is out in the world.  I had the MOST FUN EVER writing this.  Each day, I absolutely couldn’t wait to sit down and get back into this story.  And it’s kind of been hanging around ever since, waiting for what felt to me like a good time to put it out—and this feels like a good time.

Here’s the blurb:

I don’t know why I can see the other people, when no one else can. They’ve always been there, flitting between trees, tucked into shadows. I thought they were harmless. But now one of them has crept into my dreams, creating nightmares, stealing sleep, and the only thing standing against it is the fey boy who comes to guard me, night after night.

I don’t know why he does it. I don’t know what he wants. But I know that keeping the monster from me is taking a toll on him. And if I don’t do something to stop it, I won’t only lose the safety he offers me. I’ll lose him.

If you’d like to buy it, you can do that at one of these links:

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Fun facts about The Dream Taker:

  • It’s 14,000 words. (For comparison, Half is, I think… 78K words?  So it’s a really short novella or a long short story.)
  • It’s 99 cents!
  • It’s m/m.
  • It has fey and fey monsters.
  • It has very few trigger warnings that I can think of, except reoccurring nightmares, and a distinct feeling of not belonging. (As always, with any of my books, if you’d like to ask about triggers before you decide to read, please do!  Email or drop me a DM—I realize that triggers are different for everyone and can’t adequately be covered in a blurb or a blog post.  I’m always happy to discuss.)
  • This one is slightly spoilery so read with caution: It has a central romance and an HEA, but it’s heavily focused on fantasy and might be light on romance for some readers (there’s no on-page sex, for example.)


If you read The Dream Taker (or any of my books) and enjoy it, I’d be incredibly grateful if you wanted to suggest it to a friend, and/or leave a review on Amazon.  This is so helpful.  (Even if you *didn’t* like the book, leaving a review is awesome and helpful.)

I think that’s it for now, as far as news goes.  If you decide to pick the book up, I hope you enjoy it. ❤