ScratchTrack_500x750Scratch Track is out and available in all the places today!  This is Quinn’s book—we met him a bit in Escaping Indigo.  And here, he finally gets a second chance to fall in love with the drummer, Nicky, he once had a short, intense fling with.  I’ve wanted to write Quinn’s story since I first wrote about him in EI, and I was super excited to get to put his book to paper, so to speak, as a NaNo project this spring.  (NaNo is the best, seriously.)  I also really, really wanted to write about recording studios and all the sort of… history-of-music-magic that goes on there.  So, basically, I totally went wild writing about feelz and music and I had an absolute blast with this book.

I’m also super excited to introduce you all to Rest in Peach, Nicky’s band.  (My mom came up with the band name.  She’s pretty clever, isn’t she? ;))  I had no idea that the members of this new band would captivate me so much, but… I had such a great time getting to know them as I wrote about them.  And I hope to maybe get to share some of their stories with you at some point, too.

As far as general, err, What You Might Like To Know About Scratch Track… It’s the third book in the Escaping Indigo series, but just like the first two books, (Escaping Indigo and Skin Hunger) it can be read alone.  Although you do run into all the other characters from the first two books, so they might… just fill stuff in a bit, if you’ve read those first.

As far as content warnings go, Quinn is dealing with his brother Eric’s death—he died of an accidental drug overdose.  So there’s quite a bit of Quinn processing that stuff, and it might not be… everybody’s cup of tea.

There will be a blog tour running throughout this week, which includes a giveaway for the first two books in the series.  I wrote up posts about music, character profiles, favorite albums… and there’s an interview from me, too.  The full schedule is over on the Scratch Track page on Riptide, but I’ll be updating links here, too.  I also did up a Pinterest board and a playlist. 🙂

And… I hope anyone who reads the book enjoys the third foray into the Escaping Indigo world. ❤

You can buy Scratch Track from all the places, including Riptide PublishingAmazonAmazon UKKobo, and Barnes & Noble.


Free Fantasy StoryCover Final (back home)

Sometimes I just get the urge to write fantasy.  That’s normal, right? 😛  And the other day I decided I wanted to write something really short to… clear my head, more or less.  But I ended up writing a story I really love.  It’s called Back Home and it’s about falling into faerie and not wanting to leave.  Eventually, it’ll be part of a, umm, collection-thing I’m working on a piece at a time, called The Dream Taker and Other Stories.  For now, though, it’ll be available free to newsletter subscribers–I’ll have a link in the next newsletter–so if you’d like to read it, definitely head over and sign up.


I think I sort of hinted around a while back that I was considering experimenting with Instagram.  But since then, I’ve found that I really love Instagram.  Pictures of cats! and books! and sunsets! \o/ And it’s kind of become my main mode of social media-ing.  I’m still periodically on Facebook, and I’m definitely still tweeting, but if you’d like to mosey over and say hello where I’m spending the majority of my time, I’d be delighted.


And…. I think that’s everything!