SkinHunger_500x750There actually isn’t too much book news, but I figured I should consolidate.

First, Skin Hunger is out next week on the 13th!  I’m awkward when it comes to writing about my own books—I don’t know why, it’s just a thing—but I’m basically absolutely thrilled that this book will be out in the world.  I mean, I’m thrilled any time a book of mine releases.  It’s amazing.  But writing this book was particularly cathartic, and Ava is one of my very favorite characters.  I loved being in her mind.

Skin Hunger was a Camp NaNo book—I decided to see if I could write 60K words in a month, and I did.  Never again, omg.  That extra 10,000 words is exhausting.  But I’d been thinking about SH and Ava for so long before I wrote it that it was mostly just a relief to get it out on the page.  I really like this book.  I think it’s sort of frowned upon to say you like your own books, but I do, and this one in particular is just… well, it has a special place for me.

So, um, I should probably attempt to explain what the book’s about.  Ava’s a drummer (for the band Escaping Indigo) but in this book, she’s gone across the country to help out her family.  She doesn’t super fit in with them anymore, and hasn’t for a while.  But she’s having some issues with her band, too—she’s in love with her friend Tuck, guitarist for Escaping Indigo, and he’s in love with someone else.  So the book’s about… finding your place and figuring out who you are, and family, and secrets, and things we hold dear, I guess.

Anyway.  If you’re interested in buying, you can preorder Skin Hunger from Riptide Publishing.  I think if you preorder, you get the book a couple days early, so that’s a nice thing. 😉

And there’s Escaping Indigo merch over at Redbubble.


Skin Hunger bonus extra short… thing

I wanted Cara and Ava to get some more cuddling and mushiness time, so I wrote an extra bonus, err… thing?  Short?  Chapter?  Snippet? …which will go out to newsletter subscribers on release day.  (I think my newsletters are pretty fun? *entices*  There are freebies, recs, advance snippets and teasers of upcoming books and WIPs…)  If you’d like to read the short, you can sign up over here.  There’s also an Escaping Indigo epilogue available immediately when you sign up for my newsletter.


Sale! \o/ 

I’m the featured author over on Riptide Publishing this month.  There’s a short interview there, if anyone’s interested, and Half is on sale for 99 cents.  Which is… seriously painfully cheap.  And Half is, you know… *points at heart* a book I really love, so if you’d like to try my fantasy stuff, now might be good. 😉

I know I haven’t published any fantasy in a while, but I definitely will be publishing some soon.  I just don’t know… quite when yet.  But I’ll be self-publishing a short fantasy story in the spring, so watch for more info about that as we get closer. 😀


Social Media

If you follow me on twitter, you probably noticed I haven’t been on as much.  Or maybe you didn’t.  I don’t know.  Anyway–I’ve taken a bit of a leave from twitter.  I’ll be back on soon, but probably in a limited way.  As much as I love twitter–and I do, because I get to talk to and meet so many wonderful people–the majority of the time, it makes me want to scream.

To make up for that a little, though, I’ll probably be on Facebook a bit more.  And I’m also pretty frequently on Instagram, and I’m trying to blog more.


And… I think that’s all the news for now!