EscapingIndigo_500x750I wrote Escaping Indigo because… I wanted to write about musicians because I am a musician, and I wanted to tell stories about musicians like the musicians I know.  I wanted to write about a band that was still small.  I wanted to write about touring and playing shows in gritty little venues, and living all crammed together on a bus.  I wanted to write about what might happen when you actually meet someone whose music you admire, what would happen if you found yourself falling in love with them.  I wanted to write a creative character who was unsure about his creativity, someone successful who was still nervous that success might desert him.

Err, as is probably apparent, I’m sort of flailing about how to do a blog post about a book release.  Especially one that might encourage people to want to read it because… that always just feels so incredibly weird to me.  But, err, I would be totally delighted if this was a thing people might be interested in and had good feelz after reading it.  And that *points to first paragraph* is sort of what you can expect from the book–along with a man dealing with his grief over the death of his best friend, another man working through/with his anxiety and depression, tattoos in the shape of fish and letters, much nerdery about drumming and how to tune things, and swinging on swings like little kids.  I actually think two scenes take place in playgrounds, which, now that I think of it, is sort of odd. D:

If you’d like to buy the book, it’s now available at all the usual places:

Riptide Publishing  |  Amazon  |  Amazon UK  |  Kobo  |  Barnes & Noble

There’s also merch (shirts, mugs, posters, etc.) over on Redbubble, for anyone who’s interested.

Also, I did write up an epilogue for newsletter subscribers.  It isn’t necessary to read—I think the book ends exactly where it’s supposed to.  But it’s just a bit of fun and fluff for anyone who wants to spend some more time with Micah and Bellamy.  If you missed the newsletter the epilogue went out in, that’s okay—you can still sign up here, and you’ll get a link to the epilogue right on the sign up confirmation page.

In other news! Skin Hunger, the second book in the Escaping Indigo series, is up for preorder at Riptide.  It’s f/f, about Ava, and will be out on November 13.

Also!  Wheeee!  The third book in the series has been signed, so it’s definitely a thing that will happen!  It’s m/m, and it’s Quinn’s book.  For now (and maybe always, but sometimes things change) it’s called Scratch Track, and it’ll be out in early 2018.  I’ll have more info about it when it goes up for preorder.

And… I think that’s all for now!