Fake Empire by The National

This isn’t new, but it seems to be one of those songs that floats up to grab my attention every once in a while, and it did it again recently.  The very first book I ever wrote (which was an experiment and complete crap and never saw the light of day) I wrote based on… the feelings I got from this song, I guess.  I wrote another book while listening to this song, a handful of other songs, and a white noise mix of waves, crickets and birds.  And I edited Escaping Indigo with this song in the playlist.

I’m honestly not sure what it is about this song that makes it so fantastic.  It has an excellent build to it—it starts off simple and mellow and swells and gets sort of grandiose, and it works.  And I love the lead singer’s voice.  I think you either love him or hate him—I fall firmly in the love category.  I find him really soothing.  The drumming’s awesome, the lyrics are dreamy and odd.  I can listen to it about a million times without getting tired of it.  It’s everything I like about The National, packed into one song.


Die Young by Sylvan Esso

I really like Sylvan Esso, even though sometimes I’m convinced they aren’t actually that good.  They do a lot of experimenting with their music, and often that makes for something unique and wonderful and refreshing, but sometimes it’s just… bad.  This… this is not bad.  This is amazing.

I love the music, I love the beat, but mostly, I love the passion in the vocals, and I love the lyrics.  They’re almost… what every romance writer is trying not to write, or is told not to write, because it’s too dramatic and over the top and cheesy and just not healthy or sane in the least.  But basically it seems to be about a woman who… was planning, for whatever reason, to die young, and then found someone to live for.  And it is over the top and dramatic and no one should ever have that kind of pressure put on them, and it’s beyond unhealthy thinking… but god, it’s kind of genius, too.  It’s raw and it’s honest and it’s in your face with emotions.  And it’s a pop song and it sounds good and it’s catchy as fuck, to top it off.

I can definitely see these lyrics being off-putting, and creeping people out.  So, grain of salt.  I love everything about it, though.  I can’t stop listening to it.


Wasting Time by Day Wave

I keep waiting for Day Wave to put out something I don’t like, and it hasn’t happened yet.  They’re (he’s?  I think it’s just one guy—Jackson Phillips—who writes everything himself) wonderful.  I was originally hooked on him with his song Drag, which is… sweet and mellow and catchy and honest and just overall really, really lovely, in music and lyrics.  Lately I’ve been listening to Wasting Time a ton.

There’s something that’s just… easy and light about this song, but at the same time, it has a nice depth behind it.  It isn’t just fluff (not that there’s anything at all wrong with fluff.)  It’s almost like he’s handing you his emotions, and it’s good and it makes you feel sort of connected and just, yeah, good, to listen to it.

Also, the song is lovely.  I heard what I’m assuming is the radio version first, and I loved it, but if you can find the extended (it’s not that much longer) version, you get a really gorgeous bit of wailing guitar and it’s just EXTRA lovely and it makes you feel all snuggly and warm to listen to it.


A Tiny Bit of Housekeeping

Just popping in here at the end to add a bit of housekeeping—in case you missed it, my contemporary, m/m rock star/roadie romance is up for preorder at Riptide.  If you’re so inclined.  I promise I’ll stop harping about it, but I, y’know, want people to know.  It’s also up on GoodReads if you’re into adding it. 🙂

Also, I started a newsletter.  It’s… well, I’m trying to put it out once a month, but I’m pretty much already behind for this month.  But it’ll have news about my books and anything related to books, and recs for books (there is a theme, you see 😉 ) and music and probably anything else I feel like blathering about.  I promise not to spam you, if you sign up (I originally said I wouldn’t send out more than one a week, and I won’t, but it’s definitely looking like once a month is more likely, and it’ll probably just go out randomly when I actually have news.)  You can sign up for it over here.

Also, I seem to have an Instagram.  I just started it, so it’s pretty bare, but I already like it, so I’ll try to keep up with it.  So, have a look, if you’re interested. 🙂