About two seconds ago I published a post that said I wasn’t going to do a year end post, and I’m not.  But I figure I probably should do a news-type post, since… I basically announce stuff on twitter and then nowhere else.  (You can follow me on twitter if you like- I’m @eli__lang  and…. I’m there pretty randomly.  But I’m trying to be there more often since I’m not really anywhere that often.)

Anyway, the state of the Eli Lang is pretty much this:

  • My book HALF will be out on February 13th.  It’s contemporary romantic fantasy.  You can pre-order it at Riptide Publishing, if you like.
  • I signed two more books with Riptide Publishing!  Whoop!  They’re books one and two in a contemporary romance series about a rock band.  The first book is m/m, the second is f/f.  I don’t have final titles yet, but the band is called Escaping Indigo, and so is the series.
  • Hopefully this is a given, but I’m still writing and writing and writing.  Mostly sci-fi and fantasy.  That’s mostly what I plan to write from here on out.  It’s just… the most comfortable and the most fun for me, and I think that comes across in my writing.  However, as is obvious from above, there are definitely times I want to write contemporary.  They’ll be less frequent, but look for some contemporary romance sneaking in here and there.

And that’s it!  Happy New Year, everyone!  I hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you.