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Why Leftover Sushi?

Because of this snippet I wrote, about musicians, and being able to do the things you love:

“I wanted to have leftover sushi in the fridge.”

He tried to turn, to look at me.  “What?”

“You know, when you go out for sushi, but it’s expensive, so you can only order a little bit?”  He hesitated, then nodded.  Maybe he didn’t know.  Maybe he made enough money to order all the ten dollar sushi rolls he wanted.  “I always wanted to be able to order a lot, more than I could eat, so the next day, there’d be leftover sushi in the fridge.”  

“Sushi’s not so great on the second day,” Bellamy mumbled.

“Yeah.”  He didn’t say it like he was trying to teach me anything, though.  He didn’t say it like he was trying to discredit what I wanted.  He said it like maybe he got what I meant.  Even if second day sushi wasn’t his benchmark for success.  “Mostly we just wanted to make enough to keep doing it, you know?”