“The gentle relationship between the two men follows right along with the exploration of dichotomous themes: there’s a simmering sensuality that’s only enhanced by their almost childlike wonder and innocence.” -Publishers Weekly

Escaping Indigo
“Lang masterfully captures the hesitancy and insecurity of both men as they try to move beyond their pasts.” –Publishers Weekly

Skin Hunger
“Lang’s novel is gentle and tenderly crafted, with earned happiness in an ending that’s carefully designed to fit these characters and their lives.” -Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“(A) meditative, absorbing, compelling, and universally relatable novel.” -Booklist Starred Review

“If you’ve been longing for some good bisexual representation in your books, you’ll want to add this to your TBR pile immediately.” -RT Book Reviews Magazine Four Star Review

“The story is sexy, thick with emotion, and satisfying to the last page.” –Publishers Weekly


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